Ice Sports for an Ice Arena

Ice rinks are frozen slabs of water, typically oval-shaped, where people skate or participate in winter sports. Yet not all sports on a rink, take place on skates. Take curling, for example, which uses specialized sneaker-like shoes. An ice arena is an enclosure, typically a dome-shaped building, for one or more ice rinks. It serves a number of purposes, such as keeping the ice cool and providing a venue for fans. Sports played at ice arenas include ice hockey, ice dancing, and various forms of ice skating.

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Curling is a sport played by two teams of four players (curlers) that take turns sliding polished stones (rocks) on an icy shuffleboard-like surface (curling sheet) toward a target (house). The name curling comes from the curved path that the “sweepers” can induce as the rock glides toward the house.

Each team has eight total stones, so each curler gets two attempts. A curler’s title is relative to the order in which he or she threw their first stone. The first is the Lead, then the Second, the Vice Skip, and finally the Skip. During any one curl, one player is an onlooker, one throws the stone, and the other two use curling brooms to guide the stone to the target.

The goal of curling is to accumulate the most points, and the team earns points based on how close their stone is to the house. Nevertheless, curlers do not simply aim for the house. There is a great deal of strategy involved in curling by using one’s stone to block or move the stone of an opponent.

Ice Hockey

Hockey is a fast-paced team sport where players on ice skates use a hockey stick to guide a puck into their opponent’s net and to defend the puck from entering their own team’s net. The teams play against the clock as they attempt to outscore their opponent. A hockey game consists of three 20-minute periods, but overtime can extend the match beyond 60 minutes.

Total roster size varies between leagues, but there are typically six players per team on the ice at any given time. The three players closest to their opponent’s goal are the forwards: Left Winger (LW), Center (C), and Right Winger (RW). The three players closest to their own goal are the two Defensemen (D) and the Goalie (G). The goalie stands in front of the net to defend it using a glove, a larger stick, and an extra padding.

The Power Play is a core hockey concept. When a player breaks the rules, he’s sent to the penalty box, at which point his team plays shorthanded. A second penalty would force the team to play two men down, which is the max. In the NHL, the teams play 4-on-4 (4 skaters + 1 goalie) during overtime, so with two penalties, it’s possible for a team to have as few as two skaters and one goalie on the ice.

Ice Dancing

Ice dancing is a judged sport that is a fusion of figure skating and ballroom dancing. The ice dancers compete in male-female pairs by completing choreographed ice dances in an attempt to achieve the highest score. In order to keep the sport’s focus on the dance aspect, the rules prohibit jumps and throws. There are also a different set of requirements for holds, lifts, and spins then there are in figure skating.

Typically, the pairs dance three times, and those three scores comprise the overall score. The three components are the compulsory dance (CD), the original dance (OD), and the free dance (FD). Some competitions replace the OD with the Short Dance (SD). The difference between the CD, OD/SD, and FD is the amount of structure dictated by the competition rules. Skaters have the most amount of freedom in the Free Dance.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a general term for many sports that take place on skates. The most popular of these ice skating sports is figure skating. Figure skating is a judged sport where individuals, pairs, and even groups compete by performing choreographed skating routines. The athletes have a great deal of control over their routines, but each competition has its own set of demands, and failure to include the expected ingredients results in severe scoring penalties.

Another popular sport is speed skating, which is a pure, competitive form of ice skating that pits two or more skaters against each other in races of varying lengths. Typical races consist of four to six skaters, and the most popular events include short track, long track, and the relay events, which involve teams of skaters competing against other teams. The longest form of speed skating is the marathon.

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